Fox Superflow sensational

Tuesday, February 6th 2024
  • AIR TIME: Getting some big air off one of the larger jumps, Alec finished second in the U15 Juniors. PHOTOS: Luke Treadwell
  • William Heugh sprayed dirt as he flew around the final bend at Mount Gladstone.
  • Huegh family - Mum and dad with William enjoying their day at the Fox Superflow.
  • Steve Aldous (Snowy Mountains MTB Club), Martin Wistata (Rocky Trail Race Director) Annette Taylor (Assistant Event Manager, Ian Mortenson (Event Manager), Jan Wassink (Snowy Mountains MTB Club) enjoyed the event.


    THE Rocky Trail Fox Superflow had riders from far and wide turn out in Cooma to tackle Mount Gladstone for a third year running.

    More than 250 competitors took to the trails in extreme heat, with weather over both Saturday and Sunday surpassing 32 degrees Celsius.

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