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What is currently happening with Snowy 2.0?

What is currently happening with Snowy 2.0?

Polo Flat segment factory

The construction of two automatic carousels is well advanced, with 100 people working onsite, which is great for the local economy. These carousels will produce about 500 rings - each with nine segments - per month.

Until then, we are pouring segments manually for our first tunnel boring machine. Local business Britton’s Concrete and Landscape Supplies is producing the mix for the segments

The segments weigh about seven tonnes and are cured in situ. Then they’re removed by crane and placed outside for storage.

On average, 2.5 rings or 22-23 segments are being produced each day, until the carousel production begins.

The initial segments for our first tunnel will be transported to the construction site on semi-trailers, but later this year we will use special custom-made trailers with three axles designed to carry nine segments at a time.

To ensure traffic can flow freely during peak periods like Easter, or on Friday and Sunday evenings during the snow season, we have installed a temporary traffic signal in Cooma that will be activated only when needed.

Snowy 2.0 update

Construction is ramping up at multiple workfronts at Snowy 2.0 sites, with more than 1,000 people working on Snowy 2.0.

At Tantangara work is focused on building the worker camp, with earthworks well underway, along with the adit for the headrace tunnel.

At Lobs Hole a water treatment plant to supply the construction camps and tunnelling works is being installed with storage tanks and pumping equipment.

The exploratory camp accommodation has about 300 workers and work is underway on the nearby main camp. 

The Lady Eileen Hudson tunnel boring machine (TBM) is set to start excavating the Main Access Tunnel very soon, with commissioning and testing almost complete. Transporting large cargo for the final Snowy 2.0 TBM from Port Kembla through Cooma has started again.

The largest loads transporting TBM cargo through Cooma to Lobs Hole will involve some disruptions to traffic. Deliveries are scheduled at night time and early mornings when there is less traffic on the road and minimal impact to motorists.

Keep an eye on the www.futuregenerationjv.com.au website (Traffic page) for up-to-date information about further large loads in coming weeks.

 Tantangara access

The following recreational areas are currently OPEN to the public: Tantangara Reservoir (except areas usually accessed via Quarry Trail Road) and 

Tantangara Road - please be aware that there may be heavy vehicles, project vehicles and traffic control on the road, seven-days-a-week. Please slow down and drive to conditions. 

Quarry Trail Road on the western side of the Tantangara Reservoir is closed to the public. 

Part of the Tunnel Boring machine (TBM) travelling through Cooma.

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    June 2021
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