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A new and unique experience has arrived at Lake Jindabyne thanks to Jindy local Jason Gammel, who is looking to make the sport of efoiling available to anyone keen to give it a try. An experience as novel as it is unique, efoiling is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new activities to hit the region.

Jason’s company REthynk provides a variety of adventurous outdoor experiences now including hot air ballooning and more, but his two new state of the art Fliteboard efoils are the star attraction.

“It’s really about getting people outside and promoting healthy adventurous fun,” Jason said.

“Efoiling is just the perfect thing for Jindy, it’s a great way to explore the lake and there’s no experience quite like it. I haven’t taken anyone out who didn’t love it, it really does feel like you’re flying.”

An efoil is essentially a surfboard with an electric motor and a hydrofoil wing on the underside that provides lift much like on an aeroplane. The effect is that the board itself can lift above the water providing a unique experience that can only be described as flying.

Jason has spared no expense on his two efoils either, with Fliteboard providing the first and undoubtedly still the best efoils on the market. The Fliteboard was awarded Australian Innovation of the Year by Australia by Design, the German Design Award by the German Ministry for Economics and Technology, among many more.

Despite its appearance, efoiling is surprisingly approachable and you don’t need to be experienced with board sports. With a learning curve that you can really take at your own pace, it’s accessible to a wide audience. 

REthynk efoil sessions include dry suits, lifejackets and helmets with a built-in speaker making it easier for the teacher and student to communicate while on the water. All sessions also include lessons and safety instructions before entering the water. The electric motor provides propulsion that the rider can increase at their own discretion and every lesson starts out riding on your belly, then your knees and when you’re ready, you can hop up onto your feet, which again is surprisingly easy. Once you gain enough speed, the underwater wing will provide lift and you’ll start to fly. The feeling can take a bit of getting used to but if you fall, it’s a soft landing into the water.

Don’t think this is only a summer activity either. With dry suits that are designed to go over the top of your clothing or snow gear ensuring you keep warm, as well as the use of booties, gloves and hoods, Jason plans for this to be a year-round experience, one that will undoubtedly prove popular with the winter crowd.

So, if you’re looking for a new and unique eco-friendly way to experience Lake Jindabyne or just some good old-fashioned adrenaline fuelled fun, why not head on down to the lake and give it a go. To find out more, check out the REthynk Facebook page or get in touch with Jason on 0413 642 061 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Issue #78
    June 2021
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