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Want a completely different perspective, a bird’s eye view of the beautiful town of Jindabyne, the lake, snow-capped mountains and surroundings this winter season?

Adrenalin sports enthusiast and business entrepreneur Jason Gammell began his business REthynk last year starting  with Fliteboard efoils and has now partnered with Balloon Aloft Canberra to bring the amazing experience of hot air ballooning to Jindabyne.

What started as a dream over a decade ago, has taken Gammell a lot of energy and effort to bring REthynk to Jindabyne. He is excited to welcome Balloon Aloft Canberra for their first winter season in the Snowy Mountains.

In 1980 Balloon Aloft Canberra offered the very first passenger hot air balloon flights in Australia and forty years later remain the market leader, delivering the highest quality hot air balloon flights and service. 

Balloon flights take place at sunrise, when weather conditions are most stable; when the winds are light, temperatures are cool, and atmospheric conditions calm. 

It is suggested that when ballooning, to wear layers and clothing suitable for walking or hiking and enclosed waterproof shoes.  A hat and sunglasses are also recommended. While it is no colder flying in a balloon than being on the ground, the small decrease in temperature as the balloon gains altitude is offset by the burners overhead. 

Balloons fly at heights anywhere between tree top height and 3,000 feet. 

All balloon flights are conducted by CASA approved pilots with safety and enjoyment being the primary considerations at all times.

With more than 30 years of experience conducting balloon flights, in Canberra and NSW, Balloon Aloft  Canberra is acknowledged as the leader in commercial hot air ballooning.

Balloon Aloft realise that hot air ballooning is a once in a lifetime experience and know it’s important that you have the very best flight team for your hot air ballooning adventure.

Who better to make your hot air balloon ride absolutely perfect than the skilful, enthusiastic and highly experienced team from Balloon Aloft Canberra?

Experience floating over the spectacular landmarks of the Snowy Mountains and enjoying the tranquillity and peace and quiet that is ballooning.

All this and more is on offer from June 7, 2021. You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic experience brought to you by REthynk so it’s time to support local and ensure hot air ballooning continues to return to the region.

Make your booking today to experience this unique balloon flight where you have exclusive use of a hot air balloon at an affordable price. 

Packages start from a 45-minute flight to a 75-minute flight. 

Offering specialised flight packages, you will enjoy privacy, an opportunity to enjoy a quiet serene experience with time to simply enjoy a very special time spent flying over one of the most picturesque areas of Australia. 

Bookings are essential, so book now to avoid disappointment.

To book your hot air ballooning experience today contact Jason from REthynk on 0413 642 061 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit www.rethynk.com.au for more information.

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    June 2021
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