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Driving in the Snowy Mountains

Driving in the Snowy Mountains

Transport NSW has joined forces with local authorities to encourage motorists in the region be patient and drive according to the conditions. 

The Sharing the Road campaign launched to increase motorist’s awareness when driving through the Snowy Mountains and exercise caution around heavy vehicles. With the Snowy 2.0 project ramping up, the region’s roads are busier than ever. 

The campaign provides practical tips for sharing the road with heavy vehicles and encourages all motorists to drive more safely. 

“The Snowy Mountains provides access to some of the country’s prime tourism spots across all seasons not only during the winter snow season,” Transport NSW said.

“It is home sweet home for the locals and is one of the primary heavy vehicle routes used to move goods from one side of New South Wales to the other.”

Lynley Miners, owner of Miners Transport at Adaminaby, is encouraging motorists to show greater patience when sharing the road with heavy vehicles. 

“Too many people take too many risk. Folks coming from other regions find these roads tricky,” Lynley said.

“The horsepower we have with trucks these days is pretty good, so is our average speed. People seem to want to be in front of a truck, they just need to be a bit more patient.

“The Snowy Mountains is unique, there is no other place like it.”

The campaign calls on motorists to be aware of the Snowy 2.0 project with the majority of vehicle movements taking place on the Snowy Mountains Highway. 

“With the Snowy 2.0 project now underway, heavy vehicle movements, particularly on the Snowy Mountains Highway between Cooma, Cabramurra, Adaminaby and Tumut will increase,” Transport NSW said.

“Transport NSW is dedicated to ensuring that all road users experience a safe journey and we are working alongside Snowy Hydro, to inform road users on the localised traffic impacts.”

Transport NSW has also provided advice for motorists driving in the snow. 

In winter, the roads can become very busy with tourist traffic heading to the ski fields, and the weather can make driving conditions hazardous.

The Snowy Mountains is not a place you want to rush through. Take your time, stop regularly and explore the local towns.

When you’re travelling around the Snowy Mountains, be patient and remember you are sharing the road with other motorists. 

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      June 2021
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