29 November 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Yareen Road frustrations


I am writing this letter to you as I wish to highlight the frustration of trying to address a potentially dangerous situation in Yareen Road here in Cooma.

At present there is no safe access across Yareen Road where the Railway Line crosses the road at the Monaro Highway end as no footpath exists.

Pedestrians, mums with prams, older people in mobility scooter and kids on bikes have to walk along the road and run the gauntlet of the traffic to cross the tracks.

I reached out to Snowy Monaro Regional Council and offered a proposal to address the issue however it appears to fall on deaf ears.

To give an idea of the frustration over the last few years I wrote a letter to State Rail on September 8, 2021 mainly to raise the issue of the degraded road around the tracks. No response.

I forwarded a copy of that to John Barilaro MP.

29 November 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - McBain brings mobile office to Cooma

Summer is almost here, the season for sunshine, Christmas carols and end-of-year festivities. 

I’ve had a busy month visiting communities across Eden-Monaro in Cooma, Carwoola, Dalmeny, Eden, Bega, Mystery Bay, and Merimbula. 

The remainder of the year will include the last parliamentary sitting week, a host of end-of-year school presentations, a sod turning at the Queanbeyan Respite Centre site and hopefully some time for Christmas shopping.

29 November 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - One tier of government needs to go

I would like to congratulate Phil Daley on his letter to the Editor in The Monaro Post on November 15. 

It was really succinctly written and expressed my views perfectly. Thanks for taking the effort to bring this really important issue into the public realm.

My 68 years (so far) on this planet have seen significant changes in the way we, as a country, are governed. 

29 November 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Let’s see the train return

There’s a hint the train is coming, it just won’t go away.

They said it won’t be back no more and that would be the way.

But things have changed and times rolled on and rail groups have arrived, to fight for their old station and the trains they used to ride.

29 November 2023

Riposte with Lisa Ashurst

Our family supports “adopt, don’t shop” when it comes to finding a pet, which would explain why daughter and son-in-law were trawling their local RSPCA website. 

What it wouldn’t explain is why they were even looking, seeing as they weren’t (or so they said) planning to add to their menagerie.

But anyway, there they were looking at cats and just happened to fall in love with two who had to be adopted together because they are best mates. 

21 November 2023

The postman calls

WHAT a weekend that was. You certainly can’t say there is not plenty to do in the region. 

The Adaminaby Races saw a strong crowd for their first meet in a number of years. The Adaminaby Jockey Club staged another fine race meet, bringing together race goers from across country NSW, ACT and further afield.