19 December 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Recognising Leigh Stewart’s ‘Big Trout’ contribution

It was wonderful to read your article ‘50th Birthday Makeover for Adaminaby Big Trout’ in the December 6 issue of The Monaro Post. 

The article was a great acknowledgement of the genius of the Big Trout’s creator, Andy Lomnici, and the memories of his daughter Helen (not “Lee”, as she was misnamed) were fabulous.

Less wonderful was seeing my late father Leigh Stewart, who conceived the idea and proposed it to the Adaminaby Lions Club as a picnic park project for the town, relegated to an afterthought – an onlooker who ‘wrote a three-page document about the history of the Big Trout’.

19 December 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Urgent help needed to save Jindabyne surgery

To the NSW Australian Medical Association president,

I am writing to you as the newly elected President of the NSW AMA following my earlier letter to Dr McMullen (21.11.23) and subsequent telephone call to your Association office as I have not received a reply despite commitments from your office to respond to this crisis as a matter of urgency.

19 December 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - When will Australia phase out fossil fuel exports?

I was getting daily reports in from COP28 in Dubai, sometimes by webinar. Two days before the annual climate conference closed, there was almost elation that the final text was likely to include the phase-out of fossil fuels. 

19 December 2023

Riposte with Lisa Ashurst

Ok then, so having dealt with the ‘dilemma’ of when to put up the tinsel and the Christmas tree, I suppose we now have to look at the presents. Well, whether or not you’ve done all your shopping for them to be more precise.

Following one harrowing experience, many years ago, of leaving it until just a week before the big day, I vowed never again. From that year onward I have been one of those who shops throughout the year so that come December, it’s done and dusted. 

I know some who feel that is kind of taking the fun out of it, but I have to disagree. 

19 December 2023

Elizabeth’s Wise Words - Where has the jingle gone?

What a mess we are in right now. The poor old planet is so suffering, and there are not enough bandages to fix it.  So much blackness and negativity, is around us just now, and it is so difficult to find even a trace of light. Life just now is so up and down, we are constantly on the see saw. 

The truth is we are just going through massive change. The world as we know it is changing right in front of us and will never go back to where it was. 

Think of life just now like a renovation on a house and the old has been knocked down to make room for the new. 

12 December 2023

The postman calls

The Cooma Rotary Club has celebrated a busy and productive 70-years with a dinner last week to mark the milestone. Current and former Rotarians attended the celebrations to reflect on the club’s achievements over seven decades. 

Rotary is responsible for many projects and fundraising initiatives over the years, all designed to help the Cooma community and its international efforts.