23 January 2024

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Prioritising heart health on a budget

As we embrace REDFEB, Heart Awareness Month, this February, Heart Research Australia is dedicated to reshaping how Australians approach cardiovascular well-being without causing financial strain. 

Beyond our collective effort to raise funds for life-saving research, our goal this year is to shed light on the financial and health implications associated with heart disease, affecting individuals regardless of their financial circumstances.

23 January 2024

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Getting moving at garden workshop

THE Cooma Community Garden is putting physical health front of mind when we host our latest workshop early next month. 

Experienced exercise physiologist Dr Kathy Devonshire-Gill will help garden lovers ensure their passion doesn’t become a pain with the workshop to focus on looking after the body and reducing the risk of injury. 

Cooma gardeners are being encouraged to attend the workshop on Saturday February 3 to better understand how to protect your body when gardening. 

Dr Devonshire-Gill, who has multiple tertiary qualifications, including a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology, said she is looking forward to working with Cooma’s gardeners. 

She is passionate about working with people to help them optimise their quality of life. Having worked in the exercise and education industries for more than 40 years she has the knowledge, skills and experience to design and deliver evidence-based exercise programmes that will enhance your physical, cognitive and mental health status.

23 January 2024

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Judicious placement of wind turbines imperative to Monaro’s future

I am concerned about placement of wind turbines and their impact on the greater populace and overall future of the Monaro Region.

In particular, the visual impact and the distraction from our ancient and beautiful landscape negatively impacting tourists, visitors and locals.

The slogan “Don’t Trash our Tourism” is most apt.

The vast Monaro vistas translate into enormous income streams for this region and this important resource should not be diminished purely due to lack of consideration and thought by government bodies.

23 January 2024

Riposte with Lisa Ashurst

Let’s talk about signs. The ones that issue warnings about danger and safety. They are usually attached to a fairly solid locked door or a high fence, or some other barrier erected to keep the general public out of an area deemed totally unsafe for them to enter.

Then let’s look at those specific members of the public who opt to ignore all the warnings. The ones who climb over the fences, break the locks on the doors, and access the areas they have been warned to stay away from. And then something happens to them and they sue whoever owns the property, or is responsible for it, for “negligence”.

What negligence?

19 December 2023

The postman calls

Council will meet this week for the final time in 2023. This year has produced a new mayor and a new chief executive officer. Although the year is wrapping-up, it remains a busy time for councillors with plenty to get through on the meeting agenda.

Cr Bob Stewart has reignited calls for a demerger vote with a notice of motion calling on council to support a Green proposal that would give merger local government areas a chance to formally voice their support or opposition. 

19 December 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Residents say they resoundingly reject wind turbines

A large crowd of concerned Monaro residents who confronted Someva, the Sydney developers at the Alpine Hotel in Cooma on Thursday December 7 made it crystal clear their overwhelming objection to the Coonerang Wind Facility proposal to put 25 plus giant 266 metre wind turbines on the Monaro plain beside the iconic Brothers Hills (Gugang).

The key objections voiced by local residents at the meeting included:

the absolutely unacceptable location beside the culturally significant landscape feature The Brothers,