21 November 2023

Riposte with Lisa Ashurst

Is fame, more specifically social media fame, really worth risking your health and your life? 

And if you do make that seriously stupid decision to risk one or both, can anyone or anything else be held responsible for your idiocy? No. If the risky thing you decide to do in the hope of finding online fame goes horribly wrong, it’s all on you. 

14 November 2023

The postman calls

We know our community is a generous one, and last week, the Monaro Committee for Cancer Research (mcCr) proved just how generous we can be. The organisation has a long and proud history of raising funds to support local dealing with a cancer diagnosis. 

The mcCr played a leading role in establishing the Cooma Oncology Unit, allowing locals to stay in the region for their cancer treatment. The group has hosted popular fundraisers, including its renowned Dancing with the Stars, to raise funds for the cancer research. 

14 November 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Is the end nigh for local government?

It appears that the NSW State Government might have finally almost removed one tier of government, Local Government, by sending them financially to the wall. 

Over the years, it has often been suggested that with three tiers of government, we are over governed. 

If you were the tier government that had the ultimate control of local government due to it having no constitutional recognition, you would certainly not volunteer to be the level of government to go into oblivion. 

14 November 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Clearing the record

It has been over 10 years since someone created a Facebook page on my behalf, while also gaining access to my email account and wrote emails about myself which has defamed and humiliated me. 

14 November 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Say no to proposed Coonerang Wind Farm

We are extremely privileged to live between Nimmitabel and Cooma on the most unique treeless plains. 

There is no where else in Australia where there is naturally no trees. We have breathtaking views across to the three Brothers and snow on the mountains in the background. We also have native grasses that grow no where else in Australia. 

14 November 2023

Riposte with Lisa Ashurst

I spent some time in Sydney recently, a week-long holiday with Daughter and Son-in-Law, where I did a bit of tripping down memory lane, as I grew up in Sydney, but haven’t been back for a look-see in decades.

Much has changed, especially some of the places we visited. Paddy’s Markets down in the Haymarket used to be an Aladdin’s Cave of quirky little stalls, selling strange and wonderful things at op-shop prices. Stalls are still there today, but the quirk has definitely left the building. Never mind, we tracked down the lovely old brass boar outside Sydney Hospital and we all got to rub his shiny nose and make a wish.