05 December 2023

The postman calls

The skies have opened up over the last week with very welcomed rain falling across the Snowy Monaro. The heavy downfalls did cause damage to some roads and forced some road closures, but for the most part, our farmers have breathed a sigh of relief.

Farmers are reporting the rain could potentially save their season. After a fortnight of storms hitting parts of the region and others missing out, it seems those who needed the rain have done alright over the last week or so. 

05 December 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Whatever happened to Yallambee?

On 9 August 2023 it was announced by Council that Yallambee Lodge aged care home is ‘likely’ to be transferred to not-for-profit private company Respect. This ‘gifted’ transaction by Council is planned to be contractually confirmed early next year.

05 December 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Please end cruel treatment of Brumbies

I’m writing to inform readers of the extreme cruelty that is being inflicted on the Brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park under the Government issued culling sanction and the many hundreds of horse carcasses have, and are being left to rot on the grounds and in the waterways of the Park which feeds surrounding areas. 

The government has recently introduced aerial culling which is barbaric and cruel. 

This kind of killing cannot be done humanely. The horses are not being shot humanely via ground shooting either. Evidence has shown horses shot in various areas of the body, one with ears cut off.

05 December 2023

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Depreciation, it’s mostly down hill from here

Depreciation is an interesting concept. Individuals own houses and motor vehicles which over time need repairing and or replacing. 

Houses mostly increase in value so allowing for depreciation is not an issue other than finding the funds to maintain them. 

Motor vehicles on the other hand depreciate and when they need replacement, the cost of the new vehicle is often far more than the trade in. The prudent persons in our society will put some “cash” aside each year to cover the cost of the difference between the new vehicle and the trade in. I have often wondered why depreciation is given such emphasis in reporting a Council’s financial sustainability. 

05 December 2023

Riposte with Lisa Ashurst

We all know that colours can affect us in various ways, it’s been used as a therapeutic tool for decades, but we also know which colours we like best and then we use them in our decor, as well as gravitate towards them with clothing.

So why would we need a Professional Colour Analyst?

“A what?” I hear you ask…

29 November 2023

The Postman Calls

THE grand finals of the Australian National Busking Championships were held over the weekend in what organisers and The Postman believe were the best yet. 

The talent on display was exceptional and hundreds if not thousands of people wandered through Cooma’s CBD and visited the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre to take in some of the country’s best street performers.