Return and earn machine opens in Thredbo

Tuesday, October 10th 2023

    Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd has become the first Alpine Resort in Australia to trial its very own Return and Earn machine, simplifying the process for locals and tourists to contribute to the recycling economy and reap the benefits.

    Making it easy for locals and visitors to be rewarded for recycling eligible bottles and cans, the TOMRA T70 machine is a compact, state-of-the-art machine that streamlines the recycling experience by accepting all qualifying beverage containers via a single chute, up to 3000 cans/bottles and 300 glass bottles before it requires emptying. 

    Importantly, the Return and Earn trial will aim to contribute to Thredbo’s new Sustainability Goals which include a 10 percent reduction of waste to landfill by 2026. 

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