Fireworks fun

Tuesday, June 15th 2021
  • Charlie Campbell and her family, including Rachael Giles, Penny Cootes and Portia Giles sold Bravehearts merchandise at the BMA’s Fireworks Night on June 12.
  • Tanja Ponsford donated her face painting talents to the cause.
  • The BMA’s Allan Talbot officially opened the June 12 event in Bombala.
  • A hugely impressive fireworks display was enjoyed on the long weekend in Bombala thanks to the BMA and ACT Fireworks.
  • Trike rides proved popular in the lead up to the fireworks, collecting more donations for Bravehearts

    The long weekend went off with a bang in Bombala, with the Bombala Motorcycle Association’s much anticipated Fireworks Night proving a sparkling success on June 12.

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