Community icon, Edwin Kraft to be remembered by thousands

Tuesday, November 14th 2023
  • PILOT: Edwin Kraft flying over the Snowy Mountains.

    Edwin ‘Krafty’ Kraft is being remembered as a loving father, partner, and community man.

    Born in 1966, Krafty was born and bred in the Snowy Monaro region. Family and friends describe Krafty as a hard worker but someone who played harder, a businessman with the generosity of a saint. He was a young soul, taken too soon along with his loyal companion, Roxy the dog.

    Krafty’s daughter Ashleigh Kraft said her dad was a generous, hard loving man who would help anybody and expected nothing in return. That was a part of his kind-hearted nature.

    “Dad was a role model and inspiration to many due to his success’ and ultimately has set the standard for how success is earnt, not given,” Ashleigh said.

    “Spending all his waking hours working as hard as he could to provide for us all and ensure that we would be well taken care of.

    “He was a young soul taken way too soon and he will forever be loved and missed by many. 

    “The memorial will be a collaboration of people who crossed paths with Dad throughout the timeline of his life and will be a day of remembrance and celebration.”

    Krafty met many people through his love of vintage cars, aircrafts, festivals, and travel and often shared those memories with his partner, Cori Isele.

    For nearly a decade, the two went on many adventures together and often Krafty, Roxy, Cori and her dog Marshall travelled by helicopter.

    Cori said loving Krafty has been the most incredible time of her life. She’s travelled to places and seen things from the most unique perspective with him by her side, it was true love, and they had a deep affection for one another.

    “He is a genuine person with a quick wit and a dry and cheeky sense of humour, he loved his kids and his feisty dog Roxy and loves all things mechanical,” Cori said.

    “Together we’ve flown the entire east coast of Australia from Tasmania to Cairns and parked the chopper with the camper vans in remote and dusty inland areas.

    “He was a very intelligent, hardworking man who truly lived life to the fullest and always spoke his mind, I think people were drawn to his energy and enthusiasm and he made such an impact on my life and my little farm.

    “It’s heartbreaking that he had left us at such an early age with still so much left of his life to live and accomplishments he would have liked to complete. 

    “A local pilot here once said to me how he flew so beautifully and I had to agree, it’s always been a privilege to be in the sky with him and in my heart he will always fly high.”

    Local pilot and long-time friend of Krafty’s, Paul Duncan reminisces about living with Krafty and recalled many times Krafty would be up working on the bookkeeping until midnight and up again at 5am to keep working.

    “He enjoyed life to the max and we worked hard to get where he was to be able to enjoy life the way he was, he worked hard and achieved a lot,” Paul said.

    “His footprint in this world is a large one, I’m glad I got to know him and was able to call him a good friend and I am going to miss him.”

    During his many travels, Krafty connected with John Tkalec on Wallis Island. After Krafty bought his own piece of paradise, John thought he’d won the neighbour lotto with Krafty moving in next door.

    It didn’t take long for John and his wife, Roberta to become good friends with Krafty as they shared afternoon banter over beers and BBQs.

    “There was always something going on at Krafty’s, I remember when Krafty first bought a boat and kept hitting sandbars (the waterways are hard to navigate), I can’t remember how many times I watched him replace those props,” John said.

    “Krafty, Roxy, Cori and Marshall would show up in the helicopter and we’d always have dinner and a few drinks together, they are great people to have as neighbours and it is sad that this has happened.”