Busking event branches out

Tuesday, November 14th 2023
  • EXCITEMENT: The Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre will host live music for the busking finals. Dean Lynch, Snowy 2.0 Relations Manager; busking championships founder Allan Spencer; Sandy Schofield, Cooma Chamber of Commerce president; Charity Ruzive from MAGIC; Sarah Norris, Manager Communications, Marketing and Engagement; Trish Williams, Executive Officer Cooma Chamber, and Paul Mackay from the MAGIC drum group.

    In an exciting addition to the finals of this year’s Australian National Busking Championships, a location outside Cooma’s CBD will feature live music. 

    The Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre will welcome some of the nation’s best busking talent on Saturday November 25 as Cooma again hosts the finals of the popular event. 

    Centennial Park and Cooma’s CBD will have its usual array of buskers performing throughout the day but between 9am and 2pm, so will the discovery centre. 

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