Bombala streets blooming

Tuesday, August 2nd 2022
  • Pam Scott (right) was the driving force behind the planters set up in Bombala last week, assisted by volunteers including Kellie Power and Lucy Culliton.
  • Claire Hillyer and Helen Stevenson were a part of the project, that now sees 21 planters brightening up the Bombala CBD.
  • Pam Thompson and Cathy Gillespie-Jones helped plant the bulbs and annuals, with Cathy managing a little tourism promotion at the same time.
  • Betty Bruns, Hazel Rodwell, Jan Illingworth and Carol Garnock planted out daffodils, pansies and violas in the new planters last Monday.

    The CBD of Bombala will be in bloom from now on, with a wonderful community project seeing a series of planter boxes set up to fill the streets with flowers.

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