Beer appointed to help develop strategies to decrease deaths

Tuesday, November 14th 2023
  • ADVOCACY: Snowy Monaro Regional Councillor, Peter Beer, is hoping his position on a state-wide asbestos committee will help reduce asbestos exposure related illnesses.

    By Karen Forman

    More people are dying from illnesses related to asbestos exposure than on the roads – and the figure is increasing, according to the only Local Government representative on a State working on strategies and policies aimed at decreasing the figure, Peter Beer.

    The Snowy Monaro councillor from Jindabyne is part of a 13-member team which represents about 14 government agencies and includes the Executive Director of the Office of Local Government, deputy secretary of the Public Works Advisory, Executive Director for Local Government and Economic Policy and Deputy Secretary, Aboriginal Affairs and representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency, Property and Development, Fire and Rescue, iCare and Safe Work.

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