Greendale Merinos produce industry leading genetics

Tuesday, October 31st 2023
  • RAM SALE: The McGufficke family of Greendale Merinos was pleased with their on-property ram sale results.

    On Saturday October 21, Greendale Merinos held their annual on-property ram sale. The 2022 September Drop rams included some of the highest indexing animals currently in the merino industry. 

    Ranking in the top percentiles of the industry the 2023 ram sale team ranked in the top five percent for FP+ (Fibre Production Plus) index, MP+ (Merino Production Plus) index and YFD (Yearling Fibre Diameter), top 10 percent for ACFW (Adult Clean Fleece Weight) and top 20 percent for YCFW (Yearling Clean Fleece Weight).

    Principal Alan McGufficke said it was exciting and rewarding to see the confidence new and returning clients exhibited during the sale and their attentiveness to purchase the higher-ranking animals was evident. Greendale Merinos was pleased to welcome four new clients from Victoria, NSW and locally. 

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