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Natural icons near bermi

Natural icons near bermi

Barely known beyond the Sapphire Coast until recent times, impressive Horse Head Rock and Camel Rock near Bermagui have become meccas for photographers and nature lovers alike. 

These striking rock formations are comprised of folded 470 million year old turbidite beds that were created by underwater avalanches 450 million years ago, and are considered among the oldest rocks in NSW. 

Their sheer size and the unspoilt location is breathtaking, with the two formations being around 200 metres apart. 

Horse Head Rock’s distinctive shape is best viewed from the viewing platform, accessed along the 1.5km one-way elevated walking track between Camel Rock and Murunna Point. 

If you set out around the rocks from Camel Rock Surf Beach, be aware it is only accessible during low tide and calm seas, and can be difficult climbing.

Of course Camel Rock itself is also a stunning sight.

There is a viewing platform for this popular scenic attraction, a picnic area in the shade of several large trees, toilet facilities and car and caravan parking.

Again the walking track at the back of the viewing platform to Murunna Point is the best place to admire the formation, with elevated lookouts and panoramic ocean views.

Murunna Point is a significant Aboriginal place, with views to Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) and Wallaga Lake as it opens to the sea.

Camel Rock Surf Beach is well known for its great surfing, swimming, snorkelling, rock pools to explore and fishing. The beach is patrolled during the summer months and is well sheltered if there is a north easterly wind.

Camel Rock is just 200 metres from Horse Head Rock, and is also best viewed from the 1.5km elevated walking track to Murunna Point.

Horse Head Rock in the Wallaga Lake area is almost 500 million years old and has become a huge drawcard for sightseers.

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    June 2021
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