Snowy Mountains Grammar School Foundation Day 2021

Tuesday, June 15th 2021
  • 10 Years Service Award to Darryl Nelson.
  • Cordis Spiritus Awards, Senior winner Alexi Cross.
  • Cordis Spiritus Awards, Junior winner Lillian Brown.
  • Dr Andrew Bell, Alexi Cross, Lillian Brown and Chairman.
  • Senior vocal group ‘Cover me in Sunshine’.
  • Occasional Address from Ms Aimee Watson.
  • The House Service Awards, Cascades 2020 winner Hannah Jones.
  • The House Service Awards, Twynam - Max Keble.
  • Principal Dr Andrew Bell.
  • Year 12 Music class ‘Listen to the Music’.
  • The House Service Awards, Kiandra, Latisha Murphy.
  • The House Service Awards, Mowamba - Isabella Westman.

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