The Monaro Post deadlines

Advertising and Editorial Booking & Material Deadlines 2018

All classifieds must be booked by the 11am Tuesday (for the next days edition).
All material must be sent in and approved by 12pm Tuesday.


All advertisements must be booked by Friday 11am (for the following Wednesday’s edition)

Complete material must be sent in by Monday 4pm.

Artwork needed to complete advertisements (including text) must be sent in by Monday 2pm.

If you wish to advertise please contact our sales staff ASAP on 6452 0313 or email

Booked advertisements that fail to meet material deadlines will incur a fee. Booking and material deadlines are not negotiable.

All editorial (including images) must be sent in by Monday 4pm (for the following Wednesday’s edition)

If you would like to discuss an editorial you wish to be published please contact our editorial department ASAP on 6452 0312 or email

The Monaro Post office closes on all public holiday. Please be aware that booking deadlines will change during these periods.