Snowy Mountains fun Nordic Family Cup

You just never know who might turn up for the Snowy Mountains Nordic (SMN) Family Cup, and considering the blizzard conditions; it was surprising anyone did.  But come they did, as princesses, superheroes, cowboys, hippies, bumblebees, rabbits, Noddy and friend, Austrians in traditional dress, a witch and her cat, cows, lifesavers, sword wielding samurais, and even two peas in their pods.  The weather may have been ordinary, but the wonderful costumes were anything but.  As the last cross-country event on the calendar, the SMN Family Cup is a fun and light-hearted competition, involving two events – an obstacle course including an uphill slalom, backwards skiing and a flag race, followed by the beanbag biathlon, with a time penalty allocated for any missed throws.  An accumulated time from the two events contributes to the overall placing, as does a time deduction awarded to only three teams for their innovative and creative costumes. Two competitors, who are either family or friends, formed the 17 competing teams with combinations this year including grandmother and granddaughter, mother and daughter, mother and son, father and daughter, aunt and niece, cousins and friends.

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