All-female ski film ‘JYOSEI’ to premiere in Jindabyne

Zoe Blewitt shot by Laura Obermeyer.

Come down to the Jindabyne Bowling and Sports Club this weekend, Saturday August 24, to celebrate the premiere of JYOSEI an inspiring all women’s ski film.

Maddie Jones, the producer and mum of the group, heads an all-female team of skilled skiers who travelled to Japan earlier this year for three weeks to create an all-women ski film.

Featuring Japanese pow, some of the world’s best snow and urban street skiing, it is a first for female skiers in the industry.

Filming on location at Myoko, Maderao and Hakuba in Japan the all-female film crew captured hundreds of hours of footage and edited the best scenes to create something spectacular.

The stars in the film Taylor Lindquist, Zoe Blewitt and representing Japan, Mina Ataba, Brooke Potter and Maddie herself were testing their skiing skills and reaching new limits every day they were filming. The film crew included Laura Obermeyer, Natalie Oaks and Stefanie Relssom who followed their every move.

Maddie will have the support of her friends and family to cheer her on in one of her biggest accomplishments as a female skier.

“I want people to watch it and want to go skiing,” says Maddie.

“I want girls to watch it and be inspired to go and create something within the skiing or snowboarding industry, I feel that there is not enough women representation in the ski industry and I would love for a girl to watch this and be inspired to do the same.”

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