1912 Abingdon King Dick oldest bike in Girder Fork rally

As of Friday, Cooma Car Club had received an entry of 32 Girder Fork motorbikes and their owners for this weekend’s 2019 Girder Fork Rally.  The rally is exclusive to Girder Fork motor bikes manufactured prior to 1950.  ‘Girder Fork’ refers to a front forks design that was predominant up to around the early 1950s. The prime attraction for the entrants is riding the uncrowded scenic sealed roads of the Snowy-Monaro region in company with similar bikes and other enthusiasts.

 The oldest machine entered is a 1912 Abingdon King Dick entered by Kaj Nielson.  Abingdon King Dick or AKD (as it was called later) was founded in Birmingham, England in 1856 and started off making tools.  The company branched out into making motorcycles in 1903.  At that time, the industry which was in its infancy was booming, and Birmingham with its strong industrial base and equally strong workforce was on its way to becoming the epicenter of the British motorcycle industry.  AKD became known for its simple but elegant single-cylinder and V-twin motorcycle engines.  The company stopped production in 1933 when a weak economy convinced them to pull out of the motorcycle market and concentrate on its successful line of tools.  The 1912 model had a unique sliding spring fork front suspension, and the 500cc side valve engine had a claimed power of 3.5hp for a top speed of 35mph (55 km/hr).   

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