Local man’s successful year in competitive shooting

Berridale local man, Dann Suthern has been competitively shooting for over 25 years now, competing in many states in Australia and having travelled to America earlier this year.

Dann began shooting as a sport when he was just 14 years old.

Growing up on a farm he always knew how to shoot and it quickly grew from a hobby into something more competitive.

Many shooting disciplines exist all over the world and Dann’s chosen discipline to contest  is the Rifle Metallic Silhouette (RMS).

RMS is an air, rimfire, centrefire, service and black powder rifle shooting discipline where competitors aim to knock down metal animal-shaped targets.

The targets are placed on steel stands in banks of five and set at a variety of known distances, with the competitors having a certain amount of time to knock down as many as they can.

The various competitions are shot from a range of distances from 20  metres out to 500 metres and all in the offhand positions (standing unsupported) depending on the firearm calibre and category.

But all competitions aim to improve hunting marksmanship skills under range conditions.

Having travelled to take part in many competitions over his long shooting career, Dann’s most recent accomplishment was achieved at the US National Championships.


US NRA National Championship

Dann and two fellow Australians teamed up to travel to Ridgway, Pennsylvania USA over July of this year.

The small team of three was selected as the Australian team by Sporting Shooters’ Association Australia (SSAA) and was sponsored to compete in the Small-Bore Events of the US National Rifle Association (NRA) National Championships.

The team also gained sponsorship to stay on and compete in the Centrefire events which followed.

The trio travelled to the USA for 14 days for a nine-day competition where Dann competed in two events the top 10 in both categories out of 160 competitive shooters. He came sixth for the standard rifle and ninth for the hunting rifle event categories.

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