Plan to move Pygmy Possums

With the plight of the critically endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum becoming increasingly precarious and the possibility of extinction looming, scientists have proposed a drastic and controversial solution, detailed in the most recent edition of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

The Mountain Pygmy Possum (MPP) lives in the high alpine regions of NSW and Victoria, hibernating beneath the snows throughout the winter months.

Recently, the MPP has been pushed to the brink due to the effect of climate change on their hibernation cycle, and a drastic decrease in Bogong Moths migrating to the alps, the primary source of the possum’s spring protein.

The recent proposal put forth by the Royal Society suggests that MPPs could be translocated from their alpine habitat to a breeding facility in the nearby lowlands, a process that would negate the hibernation process and reacclimatise MPPs to lowland conditions.

The inspiration for the idea came from new information about changes in species diversity, distribution, habitat and abundance through time, as discovered through fossil records.

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