Community anger at super turbines for Brown Mountain

The local community is incensed by the announcement from the proposed Granite Hills Wind Farm developers that they now intend to increase the size of the wind turbines from 200 metres to 230 metres high.

The initial proposal by Akuo Energy, a French company, was for 32 X 200 metre high turbines.  This has now been amended to 23 X 230 metre high turbines. 

The plan is to spread turbines from the Snowy Mountains Highway, north along Steeple Flat Road and Old Bega Road, and almost down to Cochran Dam in the east.

These 230 metre high monsters (currently the largest in Australia) will be almost double the current size of the Boco Rock Wind Farm turbines west of Nimmitabel (130 metres).

There are only four structures in Sydney that will be taller.  With a blade diameter of around 170 metres, each turbine will be the size of a 70 storey building.

Kitt Bryce, Chairman of the 22 member Brown Mountain Residents’ Group, said his members had a growing number of concerns about the proposal. 

“Given the damage wrought by the recent fires in terms of loss of life and property, plus native wildlife, habitat and vegetation; impact on streams and ground water systems; and the increasing reliance on aerial fire fighting in this sort of terrain, we believe that, more than ever, this development is not sustainable,” said Mr Bryce.

“Another area of great concern is the potential impact on health of those nearest the development due to the as yet unknown levels of noise and infrasound generated. Plus, the visual impact for some will be staggering,” added Mr Bryce.

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