Lions to take over Australia Day celebrations

Cooma Lions Mick Mayhew, John Britton and Chris Reeks.

The Cooma Lions Club will be organising the upcoming 2020 Australia Day celebrations at Centennial Park with a variety of activities food and events planned for the day.

Perhaps one of the day’s most important traditions is the presentation of the NSW Local Citizen of the Year Awards for the Snowy Monaro Region, for which nominations have now opened.

Nominations can be made by all members of the community and for all members of the community, so long as they are an Australian Citizen.

Nominations can be made across 11 separate categories:

Citizen of the Year (19 and older)

Young Citizen of the Year (18 and

Sportsperson of the Year (19 and

Young Sportsperson of the Year
(18 and younger)

Community Event of the Year

Community Group of the Year

Arts and Cultural Person of the

Emergency Services Worker of
the Year

Environmental Award (individual
or group)

Special Achievement of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year

When filling out a nomination, you will be asked to talk about your nominee, suggesting why they are an inspirational member of the community, how they have demonstrated excellence in their field and made contributions to the community.

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